Laundry Day

ContactPastor Shawn Reine

Many in our community are struggling to get by. Once a week, we go to local laundromats and offer detergent and rolls of quarters to those in need. We've seen God do amazing things through this simple but effective ministry!

What Laundromats do you Typically Visit?

We typically go to the two coin op laundromats on Hancock Avenue between Fillmore Street and Columbine Boulevard. We visit other laundromats in the area from time to time as well.

What Day of the Week do you Visit the Laundromats?

We intentionally do not have a set day of the week to do this ministry. This is to avoid abuse of the charity. While most people genuinely need the support, there are a few who would take advantage of the system if we came on a specific day.

How Can I Help?

If you would like to join us for a Laundry Day, contact Pastor Shawn. You can also help us by donating detergent pods (no liquid detergent, please) to our church. Any donations we receive will be given out on Laundry Day.