Thinker Sensitive

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Thinker Sensitive is a podcast centered around promoting intelligent discussion and civil discourse. We also host an event once a month in which a reputable speaker tackles a difficult issue. Listen to an episode now by checking out our website.

What is Thinker Sensitive?

The first step toward living with “deep differences” is creating and supporting space where honest discussion can occur between people who think differently. At Thinker Sensitive, we are concerned with what we call the “shrinking public square” or the lack of space where the civil exchange of ideas can take place in order to advance the public good. Thinker Sensitive is committed to providing such a space through events that include open forums, lectures, conferences, podcast interviews, and more.

About the Podcast

The Thinker Sensitive Podcast exists to engage tough topics to help our listeners think reasonably about the ideas that matter most. The show offers podumentary seasons, comprised of episodes that address specific aspects of a main topic, like socialism or recreational marijuana. We also produce individual interviews and informative monologues for our segments titled, “Ask a Professor” and “City Builder.” We hope to model civility, honest inquiry, and good reasoning to facilitate valuable dialogue concerning life’s most important questions and topics.

Our Mission

In the post-truth era, it has become increasingly important for defenders of what is true and good to speak up, and to argue well for the truth with civility. Truth seekers and truth tellers from all walks of life frequent our show to grapple with issues and ideas posing a challenge to our culture and way of life. We hope that you listen to the podcast with the intent to be challenged, to learn, and to join a conversation with those who think differently than you.